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IT Needs Check


This low cost service gives your business an IT "health check". The service looks at what you do in your business, how you go about it, and considers where Information Technology could provide more assistance to you in the way that you operate.

A brief report gives an indication of options available to you, the benefits that the proposals will bring, and what it is likely to cost you in terms of money, time, sweat and tears.

Since 1980 we have gone from mainframe computers that were the sole preserve of Universities, banks, and very large, wealthy businesses to the situation where so many people have them in their homes that special legislation is required to regulate the disposal of "old" computers. During that time many concepts have come and gone, and many are now coming around again, wrapped up in new packaging, with a trendy new name or acronym, but the same old unfulfilled promises. And while some things are better (and cheaper!), there are still too many cases where extravagant claims for hardware, software and other technology have simply not delivered on their promises.

Many businesses have buried their corporate heads in the sand and walked in the opposite direction when computers are mentioned. They have no computers, or perhaps just use a word processor for letters. And there is not necessarily anything wrong with that! Some businesses are undoubtedly better off without computers, although computers come in many shapes and sizes, and they can make some tasks easier - sometimes a lot easier!

As proud "techno-luddites", our advice takes the hype into account. If it's a new, unstable technology, we will probably advise against early adoption - it's not known as "the bleeding edge" for nothing! If there is a sound business case for something, we will advise in its favour. If you really shouldn't go down a particular road, we will tell you that. (As an example, we used to use 600Kbps broadband. It wasn't cheap, and was reasonable value (at the time), but did mean that we were "spoilt", and could never go back to the older 56K dial-up. We had gone down a road and we didn't want to go back!)

We aim to provide accurate,
realistic advice!

Key Benefits

  • Allows you to turn data that you already have in your business, into information that you can use to help justify your business decisions.

  • Allows you to make the best effective use out of two of your most critical resources - your time and your money.
  • Allows you to provide a more effective service to your customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and customer retention.