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IT Consultancy Service


Park IT Consultancy aims to provide a comprehensive and personal Consultancy service to both small businesses and home office users. With a wealth of experience in making effective use of IT, plus excellent knowledge of systems and development tools, we can find the right solution for your business.

If you have any specific problems relating to your use of either information, or information technology, then we can offer a first class Consultancy service that will help you solve your problems, large or small.

Case Study 1

Problem: A computer-sophisticated organisation held inventory and inspection data on land parcels within word processed tables. The document ran to some 70 pages, and held data on approximately 600 land parcels. The information was difficult to use, and long winded to update.

Solution: The word processed file was exported to a data file. A small program was written to examine and then validate and restructure the data into a proper database import format. The processed data was imported into a Microsoft Access database, and update forms and reports were added. Selected data were exported into the MapInfo Geographical Information System (GIS), and links between the Access Database and MapInfo GIS were created. Finally the Access data was uploaded onto an Oracle database running on a UNIX computer, and the Access user interface connected to this database. The end result was a tremendously robust multi-user system that allowed easy updating, flexible printing of reports, and integration with other map based data.

This whole process only took ten working hours to complete.

Case Study 2

Problem: A local charity was involved in running a Christmas card delivery service. This involved co-ordinating over 30 separate organisations, and sorting and delivering over 1,000,000 cards (about 10 tonnes) within a six day period. Deliveries were to about 6,000 destination streets, of which some 4,000 streets were split amongst roughly 25 of the smaller organisations. No definitive list of streets and delivery responsibility existed - as a result, there were many problems with one organisation being given anothers' cards for delivery, causing considerable friction!

Solution: The local highway authorities agreed to provide a list of streets and districts from their systems. This data was processed using local knowledge already held and a definitive list created. A program was created (using a compiled BASIC language) that allowed quick browsing and editing of the main street list. The final program allowed any street (and it's correct delivery organisation) to be found almost instantaneously with as few as four keystrokes. Utilities were provided to print directories (for the technically challenged), checklists, sorting labels, and to hold files of notes. The program and data was made available free of charge to the organisations involved, and assists in raising over £100,000 for local charities each year.